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Directed by Liz Sharman

Playing dates : Monday 11 - Saturday 16 March 2019

Workshop : 7pm Wednesday 7 November - Wharf foyer.

Auditions : 7pm Thursday 15 November - Wharf foyer.

Set in the fictional Forest of Arden with its population of lovers, clowns, country folk and city runaways, As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most accessible plays. It features several songs, incidental music, a wrestling match and the famous ‘All the World’s a Stage’ speech. It ends with a joyful quadruple wedding (and no funeral!). This production of As You Like It will be in modern dress (nothing weird!) and needs a cast of at least 16 actors, singers and musicians.

November will be spent casting and doing read-throughs, then we’ll have a few rehearsals in December before starting in earnest after Christmas. The script is easily found online, as are ‘translations’ of it into modern language. If you would like to register your interest, or if you have any questions, please email Liz Sharman at esharman@longwaterbooks.co.uk

I’d be especially keen to hear from any potential Rosalinds, as this is such a key role in the play. I will also need help with two fight scenes from someone who knows about stage combat, please contact me if you can help with this aspect of the production, even if you don’t necessarily wish to perform in the play.


Rosalind F 20s/30s • The key role in the play and Shakespeare’s largest female role. Brave, witty, loving and wise. NB Rosalind is disguised as a young man for most of the play.

Celia F 20s/30s • Rosalind’s beloved cousin. Spirited and witty.

Duke Senior M 50+ • Rosalind’s father, banished by his usurping brother and living in exile in the forest. Philosophical and charitable.

Orlando M 20s/30s • Young nobleman who falls in love with Rosalind, then flees to the forest to escape his older brother’s grudge against him. The heart of the play is the teasing relationship between Rosalind and Orlando.

Touchstone M Any age • The court jester – typical Shakespearian clown who plays the fool but is actually a clever satirist. Worldly, witty and ill-at-ease in the forest.

Jaques (pronounced ‘Jay-kweez’) M Any age • A cynical, melancholic nobleman living in exile with Duke Frederick. Delivers the famous ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech.

Corin M 50+ • A simple shepherd who embodies the virtues of country life. Can double as a courtier in the court scenes.

Silvius M Late teens-30s • A foolish lovesick young shepherd. Can double as a courtier in the court scenes.

Phoebe F Late teens-30s • A silly vain country girl, loved by Silvius but in love with Rosalind in her male disguise. Can double as a courtier in the court scenes.

Duke Frederick M 50+ • Rosalind’s uncle, Frederick’s brother and Celia’s father. Cruel and tyrannical. The two Dukes are often played by the same actor, but we won’t necessarily pursue this. Can double as a minor character in the forest scenes.

Oliver M 20s-40s • Orlando’s jealous older brother. Pursues Orlando to the forest, undergoes a character transformation and falls in love with Celia.

Amiens M/F Any age • A follower of the exiled Duke. A singer (and possibly guitarist).

Audrey F 20s/30s/40s • Earthy country wench and Touchstone’s love interest. Can double as a courtier in the court scenes.

Ensemble • In addition to the main characters above, we will also need an ensemble of at least three more people to play the smaller parts below. Some of these roles could be played by women or teenagers. Ensemble members are guaranteed spoken lines, songs, and a lot of stage time: Adam (Orlando’s servant) / Charles the wrestler / Monsieur Le Beau / Martext (a clergyman) / Forest Lord / William (young country boy) / Hymen (God/dess of Marriage, but in this version to be a kind of forest deity) / Jacques the brother of Oliver and Orlando / courtiers / pages / servants / singers.





Directed by Freddie Underwood

Playing dates : Monday 22 - Saturday 28 April 2019

Auditions : 4pm Sunday 2 December - Wharf foyer / 7.30pm Monday 3 December for those you cannot make the Sunday.

This is a stunning modern play first performed in 2016 about the complexity of family, seen through the eyes of four siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents love and expectation. Moving, funny and innovative, this play deeply touched me when I read it and even more so when I saw it.

The original company collaborated with renowned physical theatre company, Frantic Assembly to create a production that was truly inventive and visually bold. As a director, I would like to honour the original by exploring physical theatre within this production. Please only audition if you are happy to get physical!


Bob 50s/60s • Father and retrenched auto factory worker

Fran Late 40s/50s/60s • Mother and senior nurse

Their children

Pip Late 20s/30s • An education department bureaucrat

Mark 20s/30s • An IT specialist

Ben 20s • A financial services worker

Rosie Late teens • Doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to be yet • PLEASE NOTE : Due to language & content, this role carries a minimum age limit of 17.

If you have any questions or would like to request a script in advance, please contact Freddie Underwood on fredericaunderwood@yahoo.co.uk or 07773 362060.

The audition will consist of script reading, monologue reading for the children characters and a relaxed movement workshop. Rehearsals will start in January and will likely be on Monday and Thursday evenings with some Sunday rehearsals.







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