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If you would like to direct at the Wharf and have some experience either as a director or actor, please get in touch with the theatre - we would love to hear from you.

Audition Notices


Snake in the Grass by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Tess Richards

Running from Monday September 24 to Saturday September 29. Rehearsals begin on Thursday June 28.

The audition will take place in the theatre bar on Monday May 14 at 7.30pm

The roles are as follows:

Annabel Chester, 50, who has returned from Australia following the death of her father

Miriam Chester, 44, Annabel’s younger sister

Alice Moody, 40s, a nurse

Annabel has returned home following the death of her father. She is immediately approached by Alice Moody who tells her that Miriam murdered her father and, unless Annabel pays Alice £100,000 she will go to the police. What follows is never what you expect and there are shocks at every turn. Described by the Sunday Times as “a creepily, scarily, eerily enjoyable evening”.

Scripts from Lewis Cowen on lewis@thecowens.force9.co.uk or 07523 050961.


Little Shop of Horrors

Directed by Emily Holmes

Playing dates : Fri 26 October - Sat 3 November 2018

Workshop : Sunday 3 June at the Wharf 4 - 6pm followed by auditions later the same day at 7pm.

Please come along to our workshop to find out more!

A deviously delicious sci-fi smash musical and one of the longest running off-Broadway shows, Little Shop
Of Horrors charmingly tongue in cheek comedy has devoured the hearts of theatre goers for over 30 years.

The meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles across a new breed of plant he names "Audrey II" -
after his co-worker crush. This foul-mouthed, R&B singing carnivore promises unending fame and
fortune to the down and out Krelborn as long as he keeps feeding it, blood. Over time, though, Seymour
discovers Audrey II's out of this world origins and intent towards global domination!

Seymour Krelborn Male 25-35
Vocal range top : G4 / Vocal range bottom : A2
A nerdy, insecure, put-upon florist's clerk and
eventual hero. A genuine, well-meaning man who is
taken for granted because of his clumsy ways and
poor social skills.

Audrey Female 25-35
Vocal range top: D5 / Vocal range bottom : G#3
Bleached-blond, ditzy, secret love of Seymour's life.
She has poor self-worth and education, but incredibly
good looks and a sweet and vulnerable demeanor.

Mr. Mushnik Male 50-65
Vocal range top : F4 / Vocal range bottom : G2
The seasoned owner of the failing East Side flower
shop and Seymour's nosy boss. He is profit-driven,
greedy, and manipulative.

Orin Scrivello Male 30-40
Vocal range top : G4 / Vocal range bottom : G2
An egotistical dentist with a passion for leather and
sadistic tendencies. Audrey's abusive boyfriend, who
is targeted by Seymour.

Voice Of Audrey II Male 20-50
Vocal range top : G4 / Vocal range bottom : G2
An actor/vocalist located offstage. The voice is that of
a conniving, street-smart 'villain.' A funky Rhythm and
Blues voice is best.

Crystal / Ronette / Chiffon Female 20-35
Vocal range top : F5 / Vocal range bottom : Ab3
American street urchins, acting as the occasional
Greek Chorus. Young, hip, and smart, these girls are
the only ones who have a grip on reality and really
know what’s going on throughout.

Various Company Male or Female any age

Minor Roles (including customers, Bernstein, Mrs
Luce and Skip Snip) We will need approximately 3
additional company members to play a variety of
minor roles throughout the production.

Audrey II Puppeteer Male or Female any age
We will require a puppeteer for the plant - Audrey II.
This person must be sufficiently able bodied to
undertake theatrical manipulation of a large stage
puppet (W1.3m x L2.6m x H1.8m). Will not be required
until the latter stages of the rehearsal process.

Please contact Emily : emilyphillis@hotmail.com for
audition material prior to the workshop/audition date.

Please note that in order to take part in any Wharf Theatre production, you must be a current Member.


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