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If you would like to direct at the Wharf and have some experience either as a director or actor, please get in touch with the theatre - we would love to hear from you.

Audition Notices

Legally Blonde Jr • The Musical

Directed by Oliver Phipps & Hayley Baxter

Playing dates : Wednesday 24 - Saturday 27 July 2019

Workshop : 10am-12 Saturday 13 April at the Wharf

Auditions : 10am-1pm Sunday 14 April at the Wharf

Delta Nu sorority president Elle Woods seems to have it all; good looks, a relationship with the campus catch and great taste in clothes. However her life is turned upside-down when her boyfriend, Warner dumps her in an attempt to start getting serious about his future and attend Harvard Law. Determined to win him back, Elle uses a lot of hard work and some charm to get into Harvard Law so she can prove to Warner that she’s serious enough for him. Once at school, she is challenged by her peers, professors and her ex, but with the help of some new friends, Elle realizes her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world.

Full rehearsal schedule TBC • Initial rehearsals will be Tuesday & Thursday evenings plus Sunday afternoons. Any enquires prior to the workshop please contact the director, Oliver Phipps : oliverphipps@live.co.uk


Elle Woods
Female lead, California sorority girl but not your typical blonde, earnest with a loveable spirit.

Margot, Serena & Pilar
Elle’s trio of best friends and sorority sisters. Always got Elle’s back, three young ladies with lots of energy.

Warner Huntington III
Elle’s ex-boyfriend caught between his former life with Elle and his new found serious girlfriend and legal career.

Emmett Forest
Hard working law student who befriends Elle. Nothing is coming between his desire to be part of Callahan’s law firm, except maybe his surprising love for Elle.

Arron Schults, Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan & Enid Hoopes
Three featured law students with academic credentials that would intimated anyone.

Vivian Kensington
The opposite to Elle, comes across as staunch, conservative and everything Warner needs to make him serious.

Professor Callahan
Most feared professor at Harvard Law School who all the students want to impress, especially to join his law firm as a partner.

A bold character, Elle’s supportive stylist who needs a little help with her own self esteem.

Kate / Cashier
Delta Nu sister and academic of the bunch / Part of Paulette’s entourage.

Gaelen / Kiki / Chutney
Delta Nu sister / Part of Paulette’s entourage / Brooke’s unhappy step-daughter, with a bad perm and bad attitude.

Chad / Kyle
Young frat brother with lots of energy / The UPS delivery guy who Paulette has eyes for.

Sales Woman / Brooke Wyndham
Tries to miss sell Elle the wrong dress / Famous fitness instructor being framed for her husbands murder.

Store Manager / Stylist / Whitney
Sorts out Elle’s dress issues / Part of Paulette’s entourage / Vivian’s law school friend.

Wintrop / Dewey / Carlos
One of three Harvard Admissions officers / Paulette’s brash ex-boyfriend / Nicos’ boyfriend

Lowell / Judge / Bookish client
One of three Harvard admissions officers / Judge of the Wyndham trial / Paulette’s salon customer

Pfrozheimer / Baliff
One of three Harvard Admissions officers / Officer of the Wyndham trial

Jet Blue Pilot / Prison Guard / Nicos
Cameo in ‘What you want’ / Prison Guard in ‘Wiped into shape’ / Brooke’s gay pool boy

Delta Nus / Inmates Female ensemble

Frat Boys / Waiters Male ensemble

Please note that in order to take part in any Wharf Theatre production, you must be a current member and pay a show fee where applicable.



The Turn of the Screw

Written by Henry James | Stage adaptation by Ken Whitmore

Directed by Lewis Cowen

Playing dates : Monday 23 - Saturday 28 September 2019

Auditions : 7.30pm Friday 17 May at the Wharf

The Turn of the Screw is one of the most famous ghost stories in the English language. Miss Grey is hired as governess to two orphan children, Miles, 10, and his eight-year-old sister, Flora. The children are delightful, but Miss Grey soon discovers a dark secret in the great mansion of Bly, Essex. She is soon involved in a supernatural struggle in which the ghosts of the former valet and governess attempt to dominate the two children. Not for the nervous!


Miss Grey • 20 Very young but determined.

Mrs Grose • 50 The housekeeper who Miss Grey recruits in her battle.

Mr Crimond • 35 The children’s uncle who hires Miss Grey, could double with…

Quint • 35 The former valet, a ghost, a non-speaking role but central.

Miss Jessel • 28 The former governess, also a ghost, non-speaking but most important

Miles • 10 An extremely charming boy but troubled.

Flora • 8 Most intelligent and outgoing.

NB Although the adults will audition on May 17th, parents of children are asked to contact the director to arrange individual auditions for them. The children will be properly chaperoned throughout rehearsals and performances.

Scripts are available from Lewis Cowen at lewis@thecowens.force9.co.uk / 07523 050 961



Living Together

Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Mervyn Harrowven

Playing dates : Monday 21 - Saturday 26 October 2019

Auditions : 7.30pm Wednesday 29 May at the Wharf

Living Together is one of the Norman Conquests trilogy that made Ayckbourn’s name in the 1970s. The same six characters feature in all three plays. They are typical Ayckbourn types, chronically flawed and stereotypically middle class. The play was revived in the West End in 2009 and won a clutch of major awards.


The ages of the characters are not stipulated but they should be in their 30s or 40s.

Norman A serial womaniser, married to

Ruth Norman’s long-suffering wife

Reg Ruth’s brother, an anorak who invents board games, married to

Sarah Quite uptight and proper

Annie Sister to Reg and Ruth, caring for their mother who is bed-ridden (unseen)

Tom Annie’s next-door neighbour, a vet and keen on Annie

Scripts are available from Lewis Cowen at lewis@thecowens.force9.co.uk / 07523 050 961

Mervyn can be contacted at harrowvenkm@gmail.com




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