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Directed by Lewis Cowen

To be performed at the Wharf Theatre from September 19 to 24 2022

The audition will take place in the bar/foyer of the Wharf Theatre on Sunday March 6 at 2pm.

The characters

Hedda Gabler (late 20s, 30s): The daughter of a famous general, in whose shadow she spent her formative years, she is frustrated by the inability of women to succeed in public life. She takes her frustration out on those around her. It emerges she has married George Tesman only because he is an eminent academician and could be persuaded to enter politics, in which case she can use her influence through him. In this she is disappointed as Tesman has no intention of entering politics.

George Tesman (30s): Although an esteemed professor of anthropology, Tesman is rather gauche and comes over as an overgrown schoolboy. He cannot believe his luck that he has married Hedda, a noted beauty, but has no clue as to her mental state.

Eilert Loevborg (30s, 40s): George’s colleague on the academic scene but the relationship is much more complex. He is something of a social outcast who is endeavouring to return to favour with a new book. Hedda sees him as a dangerous rival and sets out to destroy him.

Mrs Elvsted (30s): A former schoolmate of Hedda’s – and victim of her bullying – she marries a judge for security but is devoted to Loevborg, with whom she is working on the book. She comes to elicit George’s help in restoring Loevborg’s reputation but has to run the gauntlet of Hedda’s manipulation.

Judge Brack (40s, 50s): The only character in the play who understands, or thinks he understands, Hedda, he is attracted to her but she only enjoys the verbal jousts she has with him. He is the conduit through which Hedda communicates with others.

Miss Juliana Tesman (50s, 60s): George’s aunt who brought him up and to whom he is still childishly devoted. Hedda sees her as everything she loathes about women who see their role as carer and nurturer.

Bertha, the maid (50s, 60s): Ibsen saw this character as more than just a servant, very much part of the family who sees more than she lets on. Although it is a small role, it has its challenges.

Rehearsals will begin in June as I expect people to be going off from time to time during the summer.

Scripts are available from me. I can be contacted on 07523 050961 or at

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