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Rehearsed Reading of a new play by Freddie Underwood

On Sunday 9th July at 3pm

This (currently untitled) new play by Freddie Underwood will be premiered at a “Rehearsed Reading” at The Wharf Theatre. The date of the rehearsed reading will likely be in early September. A suitable date will be agreed with the cast, following the auditions.

The play is a modern drama with a cast of four. The story follows Charlotte, a twenty-year-old university student paving the early steps of her adulthood. When Charlotte’s estranged father contacts her for the first time in eighteen years, she meets him hoping to forge a parental relationship that she has longed for since childhood. But the ripple effect of such a long separation soon impacts almost every other area of her life.

The story explores the personal and professional consequences of an absent father in a young woman’s childhood and the impact on her future life choices. Using text, music, physical theatre, and dance, I hope audiences will witness something that is inventive, entertaining, and essentially thought-provoking.

My aim for the play is as follows:

  1. Rehearsed Reading at The Wharf Theatre
  2. Raise funds for a professional production
  3. Rehearsals
  4. Two professional performances at The Wharf Theatre
  5. Two professional performances in London – for which I would invite literary agents and theatre publishers. (Actors if they wish could invite casting directors/agents)

I am looking for a cast who are ready for an adventure, taking this on a small tour, helping to bring the production to life and perform both locally and in London.


Charlotte – playing age 20.

Liam – (Charlotte’s boyfriend) playing age 35

Anna – (Charlotte’s friend) playing age 20.

Thomas – (Charlotte’s father) playing age 50-60

To audition please contact Freddie or 07773 362060

Please note that to take part in any Wharf Theatre production, you must be a current member.

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