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Performance dates: January 29 to February 3 2024

Audition: (TBC) Monday September 18 at 7.30pm in the theatre bar

The Importance of Being Earnest is undoubtedly Wilde’s best known and most popular play. Although first performed in February 1895, its humour has not dated and the characters, although very much of their time, are recognisable types even now.

The Hon John Worthing is a most eligible bachelor who has homes in London and Hertfordshire. He is enamoured of the lovely Gwendolen Fairfax and it seems to be a marriage made in heaven, for Worthing is generally known by the first name of Ernest and Gwendolen insists she will only marry someone of that name.

But there are two not inconsiderable obstacles in the couple’s way. The first is Gwendolen’s intimidating mother, Lady Bracknell, and the second is the existence of Worthing’s young ward, Cecily Cardew, who lives at his country home with her governess, Miss Prism. She is now approaching adulthood and is more attractive than Gwendolen would care to acknowledge.

Add to the mix Gwendolen’s cousin and Worthing’s best friend, Algernon Moncrieff, a noted philanderer who finds out about Worthing’s rural secret and introduces himself to Cecily as Worthing’s notorious brother – Ernest.

The scene is set for the most delightfully chaotic denouement!

The characters:

John Worthing (20s/30s)

Algernon Moncrieff (20s/30s)

Gwendolen Fairfax (20s/30s)

Cecily Cardew (teens, 20s)

Lady Bracknell (50s/60s)

Miss Prism (40s/50s)

Rev Canon Chasuble (50s/60s)

Merriman (butler in the country, any age)

Lane (manservant in London, any age)

NB: The ages are the ages of the characters not necessarily of the actors.

For more information and a copy of the script contact the director, Lewis Cowen, at or on 07523 050961.

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