AUDITION NOTICE – And Then There Where None

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Sunday 10th December 2023, 2pm

By Agatha Christie
Director | Rose Fitter

Performance dates: Monday 8 – Sat 13 April 2024

About the play:
One of Agatha Christie’s most successful and chilling stories has kept people on their toes for over 80 years.
Set on the Devonshire coast in 1939, ten individuals are invited to Soldier Island by U N Owen. But when they’re cut off from the mainland, and their hosts are nowhere to be found, the carnage begins as each guest is killed one by one, all to the theme of an old nursery rhyme.
With timeless outfits and terrifying murders, there is much to do, but it will be great fun to be a part of.

Characters & playing ages:

Rogers (M) 35-50
An experienced butler. A regional accent would be lovely, but it is not necessary, but the accent has to be the same as Mrs Rogers.

Mrs Rogers (F) 35-50
A maid/ cook. She is similar in age to her husband. A regional accent would be lovely, but it is not necessary, but the accent has to be the same as Rogers.

Fred Narracott (M)
The suspicious boatman who brings the guests to the house and never returns for them. They could also play Marston.

Vera Claythorne (F) 25-40
A young woman hired by Mrs Owen as a secretary, but she has a suspicious past.

Philip Lombard (M) 30-40
A young ex-military man condemned for his supposed war crimes.

Anthony Marston (M)
An upper-class man in his early 20s. He is, unfortunately, U N Owen’s first victim.

William Blore (M) 35-50
Ex C.I.D., who first introduces himself as a South African man named Davis but gives up the act when a secret is revealed.

General MacKenzie (M) 60-70
WW1 army general, haunted by his past.

Emily Brent (F) 50+
She is a highly religious upper-class woman, oblivious to the harm her judgement causes.

Sir Lawrence Wargrave (M) 60+
A supreme court judge who is famous for his cases.

Dr. Armstrong (M) 35-50
A surgeon and physician, guilt-ridden due to his past mistakes.

Scripts are available to read – Please email to arrange collection. Similarly, any queries, or if you cannot make the audition date, please email

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