Adam & The Gurglewink

A play for family audiences by Helen Langford.
Rehearsed-reading Performance dates: 13 & 14 November 2020 Rehearsals Monday and Wednesday evenings from early October, with possible Sunday afternoons if required. Email to book an audition slot. Please state which character/s you are interested in and you will be emailed a script to print and bring with you to the audition (to avoid sharing scripts).Adam & The Gurglewink is a fantasy-adventure play about the power of imagination. The story centres around Adam, an unhappy 12-year old boy who wants to run away from home. In the attic, he stumbles across The Gurglewink – once a much-loved childhood toy – who has come to life and is none too happy at Adam’s intrusion. They form a reluctant friendship where reality begins to blur and magic starts to happen. The Gurglewink takes Adam on a journey to meet Rainbowgirl from the troubled Rainbowtown, who challenges him to a dangerous quest. Encountering an icy mountain, a dragon-queen and a rather cross goat, Rainbowtown’s survival depends on Adam’s bravery and ability to keep going when ‘things are not always what they seem’.Given the current restrictions, performances will be ‘rehearsed readings’ with limited set/props and a small audience of families/children. You will therefore not be required to be off-book. As this is a new piece, it will be an opportunity to ‘road-test’ the play with a view to putting on a full production next year. Audition/rehearsals will comply with government guidance related to social distancing. Potential cast members must be 16 years or over and have finished School year 11. It is a legal requirement that children of compulsory school age must be supervised at all times by a registered chaperone when engaged in public performances, due to social distancing requirements we cannot have chaperones backstage at this time, therefore cast must be over 16 years and have finished school year 11.

I am looking to cast the 4 principal roles. There may be some doubling up to fulfil the small parts of the dragon and the goat.

ADAM – Twelve years old. Angry at life but with a taste for adventure. Looking for actor 16-40 who can play younger. Good movement/mime skills.

THE GURGLEWINK – A toy (puppet) who used to be famous. Dry humour, grumpy but wise. An old soul. The actor and puppet will move as one. Good movement and comic timing with ability to animate the puppet. Actor could be male or female of any age.

RAINBOWGIRL – The representative of Rainbowtown. An exuberant hippy-chick who believes her own press. Inclined to make things up as she goes along, but sincere in her efforts to save the town. Female 16-30 playing age.

GOOD MOOD MARY – The good-mood monitor of Rainbowville. Southern US accent. Over-the-top and big-hearted, loves to put on a show. Good Mood Mary sings the song ‘Happiness’ so ability to sing and perform a simple dance routine will be required. Female of any age.

Rehearsals will be a collaborative process. As the play hasn’t been produced before, there will be a lot of things to figure-out and make work, so a creative team-spirit is essential. I am interested in how the performers interpret the characters and story, beyond the text, and we will use games and exercises to explore its themes. The ability to improvise, move well and work together will be important.I will ask for full commitment for the limited rehearsal period from early October.

Note that some rehearsals will only require Adam and The Gurglewink, but full cast will be required at least once a week (either Monday or Wednesday evening).

Any questions just get in touch: . Thank you for your interest!You must be a member of The Wharf Theatre to take part in any production, details can be found on The Wharf Theatre’s website

Grimm Tales

Collected Grimm Tales | BOOKING ESSENTIAL
By Brothers Grimm | Adaptor Carol Ann Duffy
Dramatised by Tim Supple & The Young Vic Company
Directed by Debby Wilkinson Performance dates: 14-19 December 2020 (Matinee on 19th) I am excited to be directing the Collected Grimm Tales as our first full production since lockdown. This will be done with full social distancing in place and performances will be to a socially distanced audience, in line with government guidance.I first saw Grimm Tales way back in the mid 1990’s. I was delighted by the physical and non-natural style of performance. These were stories that journeyed into the warped world of imagination. Reviews of the play said:‘Great theatre is as fleeting as it is thrilling. It exists in the spaces between actors and audience and is as elusive and silvery as the paths that wind through dark woods of fairy tales’ Guardian ‘The best demonstration all year of the living power of theatre’ Observer

I directed some of the tales 12 years ago with the Wharf Youth Theatre and always planned to do it again with adults. I haven’t settled on the final selection of stories to be told this time, but we will certainly see characters such as Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Ashputtel (the story known more commonly as Cinderella) and Snow White. I will select more when I know the cast. I am looking for approximately 7 ADULT performers who will each perform a variety of characters, some with and some against gender. This will all depend on who is cast. You will need to be creative and enjoy physical non-natural theatre and be willing to share your ideas. Rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings commencing October 20th and some Sunday afternoons. With a short rehearsal period you will need to commit to attending all the rehearsals you are called for.

The audition will be in workshop format, exploring parts of the play together on stage so that I can see how you use the space and how you move. If you would like to attend the audition YOU MUST BOOK A PLACE, by emailing me at:

You must be a member of The Wharf Theatre to take part in any production. In addition, there will be show fee for acting members of £20.

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