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Pericles by William Shakespeare (adapted by Nic Proud)

Audition dates: 18th & 19th June 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Production dates: 21st – 26th October 2024


Pericles – a man on a mission. It’s not easy being a Prince – what with all the romance and the killing. It’s just one endless voyage of peril. Still, someone has to do it and that Mediterranean Sea isn’t getting any calmer. Join Pericles, a cast of heroes, villains, gods, goddesses and more ship-wrecks than is strictly necessary, in this all-out adventure on the high seas.

Pericles is one of Shakespeare’s later plays and enjoys an expansive theatrical experience with multiple locations, outrageous characters and diabolical plot-twists. This is a heavily adapted 90-minute version for a cast of twelve actors.

Character breakdown

The play has an extensive list of roles. There will be a cast of twelve who will multirole. The dramatic personae and their combinations are listed below. I have included a brief description of the main roles for each actor.

All roles can be played by male or female actors. Some minor characters may be swapped or divided out, based on the auditions.

Actor 1 PERICLES – Prince of Tyre. An adventurer in search of love, who is beset with bad luck – often ship-wrecked

Actor 2 THALIARD – an assassin. Sent to kill Pericles. Often arrives too late, often ship-wrecked

Actor 3 HELICANUS – Pericles’ clown. A foolish man or woman left in charge of Tyre

Actor 4 THAISA – wife to Pericles. A beautiful princess who dies at sea and is thrown overboard. Spoiler alert – she’s not dead.

DIANA – the Goddess. The actual Goddess and the pretend goddess performed by Thaisa

Actor 5 CLEON – a foolish lord. Only interested in his own fame and fortune

(Also playing Knight 1)

Actor 6 MARINA – daughter to Pericles. Abandoned, almost killed and ends up in a brothel

(Also playing Pentapolis Lord and First Servant)

Actor 7 ANTIOCHUS – King of Antioch. A prideful and powerful man, who wishes his daughter to marry before she dies.

LYSIMACHUS – a nobleman. A man of good reputation who occasionally visits brothels. Suitor to Marina

(Also playing Fisherman 1)

Actor 8 ESCANES – a Lord of Tyre. An ambitious usurper

(Also playing Second Servant, Fisherman 2 and Pirate 2)

Actor 9 SIMONIDES – King of Pentapolis. A good man who likes a tournament

PANDER – owns a brothel. An unpleasant, low character

Actor 10 DIONYZA – wife to Cleon. Even more ambitious than her husband

(Also playing Knight 2)

Actor 11 BAWD – wife to Pander. Owns a brothel. An unpleasant, low character, worse than her husband

(Also playing Messenger and Knight 3)

Actor 12 HESPERIDIES – daughter of Antiochus. A princess wishing to marry before she dies

(Also playing Pirate 1, Tarsus Lord and Sailor)

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Scripts and audition material are available from Nic Proud

Any queries, or if you cannot make the audition dates, please contact Nic Proud email:

Looking forward to seeing you all at the auditions

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