Di, Viv & Rose – A Review

Posted on October 10, 2023, in: Uncategorized

Three women meet at university in 1983. Mixed backgrounds, sexual preferences, dreams. From early reticence, to friendship, to love. Sharing despair, hope, loss. Love conquers all.…..

The play opens with a simple set, three cleverly used telephones – pre mobile days as an era. Early scenes are short, sharp, frenetic, reflecting youth and urgency, energy and the simplicity of student life. As the play progresses the scenes become longer, less frenetic (though losing no natural pace and rhythm) again reflecting the increased complexities of life. We share with the three their aspirations, of career, promiscuity, love. These provide clashes, arguments, disagreements as each character struggles to comprehend another’s chosen path. There are surprises on the way – some happy, some … life changing, some tragic. This is a gently poignant, bitter-sweet comedy .. a few genuine laugh out loud moments, many internal amusements…  and several gut wrenching, even tear inducing scenes.

The audience on Tuesday night was healthy – fairly full, but just four men. Whilst this play deals with female friendships and where men are peripheral unseen but discussed characters, some bad, some good, sometimes amusing, this is far from being “chick lit on stage” or especially not an anti-men piece.  It’s a cracking portrayal of human interaction and of life’s rich pattern. It deserves a more mixed audience.

Three mesmeric performances – Di (Georgia Watson), Viv (Claire Warren) and Rose (Tempeste Day), woven together by superb direction (Alison Warren), based around a simple set (Wharf Technical crew  ). Another example of excellent community theatre. On our doorstep here in Devizes. If you are still picturing local theatre as wooden performances and lumpen ensemble with stilted line delivery – come and change your perception. Grab one of the few tickets left, get to the wharf this week, and catch one of the remaining performances.

Credit – Ian Diddams, Devizine

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