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Tuesday 14th December – 7.30 pm – Wharf Theatre.

‘The Revlon Girl’ by Neil Anthony Docking

Director – Lyn Taylor

Performance dates Monday 28th March – Saturday 2nd April 2022


Sian – Bright, hopeful and eager to help. Sian is the instigator (and defender) of the evening’s event and is desperate for it to go well.

Playing Age – late 20s (F)

Marilyn – Introverted, tense and fearful of change. Outwardly innocent, however she is very focused.

Playing Age – early to mid-thirties (F)

Rona – Fiery, foul-mouthed and indomitable. She finds strength in rage, rejects authority and is easily set alight. Playing Age – early to mid-thirties (F)

Jean – Stately, conservative and sociable. Though she hails from the same background as Marilyn and Rona, Jean is now the wife of a respected church minister and therefore regards herself as a pillar of the community.

Playing Age – early to mid-thirties (F)

Revlon Girl – Smart, well-groomed, trusting and comes from Bristol.

Playing Age – late 20s (F)

Jackie (unseen) – the hotel’s part-time receptionist/bar maid, helpful, but inattentive. This role can be doubled with one of the other characters.

Play Synopsis:

On 21st October 1966, in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan, the ‘tips’ (man-made hills of colliery waste) dangerously piled on top of a hidden stream, collapsed, sliding down onto the village below, killing 144 people in just a few minutes. The avalanche struck Pantglas Junior School, demolishing and engulfing the classrooms. 109 children and 5 teachers were killed.

Set 8 months after the Aberfan Disaster, The Revlon Girl tells the real-life story of a group of bereaved mothers who met every week, in a function room above the Aberfan hotel to talk, cry and even laugh without feeling guilt. At one of their meetings, they secretly arranged for a representative from Revlon to come and give them a talk on beauty tips.

This is a play packed with character and heartache, entwining the restraints, gossip and sometime irrationality of a small-town community, with the poignancy of a mother’s loss. Much of the sadness in The Revlon Girl comes from the fact these women are trapped by the etiquette of grieving, but due to the relationship and affinity between these five individuals, there are many humorous, uplifting and hopeful moments, allowing this piece to bring much emotion and entertainment to its audience.

Please note: the character ages reflect the likely ages of the real-life women at the heart of this story. The important thing is that Marilyn, Rona and Jean should be cast similarly in terms of age as they were in school together. Sian and Revlon are a few years younger.

Accent is important to this story, so Sian, Marilyn, Rona and Jean will be played with a Welsh accent and

Revlon will be played with a Bristol accent.

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