You aren’t just members, but friends of the Wharf Theatre

Posted on July 3, 2020, in: Uncategorized

Alongside the work building our beautiful new website, another upgrade has also been underway. We have been spending some time thinking about our members and what they mean to us. Our members are invaluable with the support they offer the Wharf Theatre. Whether that be volunteering with the running of our shows, attending and supporting events, or in the quiet encouragement, they provide to the Wharf Theatre. The past few months have shown us just how important our members are, as well as how much the theatre means to them; you only need to look at the comments on our JustGiving page to evidence this and we could not be more grateful.

This leads me to the changes to the membership scheme. We want our members to consider themselves, ‘Friends of the Theatre’ whatever role they play. Our friends will receive regular newsletters telling them about the news onstage and behind the scenes, priority access to tickets, opportunity for involvement in the theatre, and invites to Friends Only social events. Our friends have options for a Life Membership with a one-off payment, or an annual subscription as an adult or youth member, all with no joining fees. These changes may seem small but to us, they represent something more. Everyone who supports the Wharf Theatre is a friend. – For more information on becoming a friend, please visit our website.

Membership | Beth Ramsay

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